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Audience management

Using Circdata’s Fusion platform, publishers are able to measure audience engagement across different delivery channels, profile how each individual engages with the brand and drive individuals to engage with new and underused channels.

Whether content is delivered online, digitally, in print, face to face, or via mobile, Circdata is able to use a series of API’s to CMS, web analytics, EMS, sales and event platforms to bring together a diverse range of contact data, transactions and demography from across different platforms and delivery channels into a tailored Big Data solution, Fusion.

This enables publishers to easily analyse their data universe via Fusion’s dashboard and bespoke reporting, creating opportunities to up-sell existing audience and to engage with prospective customers whose profile suggests that they are likely to have a requirement for, or interest in, the brand’s content.

Fusion’s functionality, such as marketing automation, shopping cart abandonment analysis and a telemarketing module, allow publishers to engage with their audience in a timely and relevant manner based on a series of triggers, creating communication with the audience at the point when individuals are most receptive to marketing messages.

Circdata provides consultancy on audience development, best practice and data protection compliance.

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