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Data-driven marketing

Circdata’s solutions provide businesses with a circular flow of information about their contact universe, bringing together transactional and profiling data from CMS, EMS, sales, financial, fulfilment and analytical software tools into Fusion, which provides the data intelligence to support a communications strategy based on a customer’s behaviour, purchases and preferences.

A deep understanding of a customer’s history is prerequisite to a data-driven marketing strategy and Fusion offers this, permitting each touch point in an individual’s relationship with a brand to be both viewed at contact level and also incorporated into cross-brand analysis to identify specific segments of a dataset. This allows direct and personal communication with each customer segment that has a relationship with the brand, and leverages that knowledge to achieve the marketing objective.

Fusion offers marketing automation capabilities that allow businesses to communicate with customers based on a series of identifiable triggers, ranging from reactivation messages after a period of inactivity through to renewal messages or cross-sell messaging at the point of sale, with bespoke dashboards, a suite of transactional and demographic reports and the query interface making the analysis easy.

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